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🌟 Calling All Kellogg Club Members! 🌟

We need your help to keep our club in tip-top shape this summer! ☀️🔧

We're looking for volunteers to:

Ensure propane tanks are filled 🛢️

Help with weeding 🌿

Clean the grills 🍔

Your support makes a huge difference! 💪 SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER!

Refund PolicyThe Kellogg Club is unable to process refunds to any of our paid events. We suggest you reach out to your fellow members to see if someone could attend in your place, if you find yourself unable to attend an event. In this case, the registered member must notify the Social Governor at prior to the event. 

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Click here for information on our upcoming events and how to get involved.
 Fishing trip is cancelled due to weather!! 
Send an email to with your preference  - Thursday in August with fireworks included or a Friday in September.

Heart Healthy: Strength Training Session - 6/30/2024

Register: 4th of July Parade & Party 2024

Volunteer Sign Up: 4th of July

Save the Date! Porch & Patio Fundraiser
Viva La Fiesta!
Saturday, July 20, 2024



The Kellogg Club is truly one of the treasures of Morristown. Located within the Historic District, just a few blocks off The Green, the Kellogg Club estate and grounds offer members and their guests a taste of the gracious lifestyle of a time past.

The cornerstones of the Kellogg Club are historic preservation, social relationship and community contribution, all of which are true to the spirit and legacy of its founders.

Pictures were provided by Linnea Hasegawa Photography of Morristown.  For more information, go to

The Kellogg Club
25 Colles Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960