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Good Neighbor Policy

The Kellogg Club’s Good Neighbor Policy states in part that rental of the Colles Mansion for private social functions shall be conducted in a manner that preserves the Colles Mansion and enhances the residential character of the neighborhood.  To that end, hours of operation, on-street parking, and noise are monitored to standards in keeping with that of the surrounding residential neighborhood.

This requires all Event activity to be contained indoors, all on-street parking to be limited to the extent possible, all amplified sound and music to end at 10:00 p.m., all events to end by 10:30 p.m., and all guests to depart by 11:00 p.m.  The Renter is required to have his/her Caterer, Entertainers, Musicians and any other suppliers or contractors sign and agree to the attached Good Neighbor Policy statement and submit a copy to the Kellogg Club at least 21 days prior to the Event.  

Violations of the Good Neighbor Policy may subject the Renter to forfeiting his/her deposit and/or being liable for damages, and Member(s) who are renting the Club additionally may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the Kellogg Club, in accordance with the Kellogg Club Bylaws.

Renter agrees to comply with all laws and regulations as per Morristown's Code of the Town, Chapter III Police Regulations, Section 3-1 Noise Regulation.   (1980 Code § 140-2; Ord. No. O-20-82; Ord. No. O-39-03; New; Ord. No. O-28-2014)

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